Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thoughts of Nicaragua: Day X

So it's Sunday evening and I'm in my apartment, in disbelief that it is all over. Yesterday was the beach day. It was glorious. We arrived, being bombarded by restaurant workers wanting our business. There were kids, arms full with necklaces for sale. After finishing my sunscreen slathering, I was booking it toward the ocean, jumping in, easily passing up the others on the way. I body surfed for the next hour or so, then went back to the "camp." This camp was amazing. There were several hammocks, all under palm frond canopies. The rest of our time was spent taking walks down the beach with Rachel and Heidi. We were pestered some more by venders, layed around in hammocks, was pestered by venders... Then there was lunch... and oh Lord, what a lunch! I ordered the small fish, which was still 9 inches long. It had a tomato-based sauce with onions, rice, and fried platanos. I split that with Shannon and had some of her meal. It was the most delicious shrimp, soaking in this buttery, savory sauce. I might just say if I had one food I had to eat for the rest of my life, I could choose that shrimp dish. We lounged about for a while more before leaving. I had one last dip in the ocean. We then went to the market in Managua, where I found a few more gifts for some friends and family. I enjoyed this market more than the one in Masaya. There were no guys that followed you around, trying to be your shopping guide. We then went back to the church, and we ate dinner after freshening up. Then we had our goodbye service at Church. We sang songs for the group, they sang for us, Shannon gave a message, which she found out about a few moments before giving it. It was a neat time. After giving gifts and thank you notes to Pastor Pablo and his family, we spontaneously hopped on bikes, Nicaraguan style, and rode the street for about an hour. Heidi wanted to try the "two-on-one" bike ide. It was a lot of fun. The neighbors got a kick out of it too, urging us to "Monta sin manos". It wasn't going to happen with two on one bike. We then packed up and went to bed. Early in the morning, we awoke, cleaned the apartment and loaded the bus. Many of the church guys came with, but we said goodbye to Janet and the oher women. At the airport, after checking our bags, we said our final goodbyes. It was sad. But I'm confident I'll see them again. We then checked out the shops before our flight. We had a good flight, watched Sweet Home Alabama. Going through customs was much easier than what last year's team went through. Our lay over was much shorter than the one over. I ordered pork ribs and sliced beef for lunch, God bless Texas. We then had our last leg. And it was all over. We got our bags, prayed, boarded the vans and it was over. I called my work and parents and here I am, back in my apartment.

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