Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Creation... Adjusting to the Light

"Give me eyes to see and ears to hear"

It is a fascinating thing to become aware. When was the last time you stopped and watched people? Could you see into their soul or did that not even cross your mind, how those people really were?

I really watched people today. At church, I noticed a handful of attendees with arms crossed, as if the posture would ward off others. A natural response I once would have had is to judge them and become sad or frustrated that they were part of the problem in the church, not willing to receive God and the Body. Today I saw past myself and my needs (for a fully alive people of God) and saw the reality of eternity. God has his hand on all. He was moving even in the guarded. I'm certain of that because they were there, at church. Yeah, they left right away as the service ended, but nonetheless, God was there and moving and teaching the lesson of his grace as we practiced our expression of love and devotion.

I appreciate Donevon's attention to the corporate participation of the Body as a worship offering. We as one agreed to meditate and sing out our praise for the grace God gives. That helped me receive a joy from God I haven't readily accepted in a while, almost like my new self in Christ has more senses than what's normally experienced.

I'm adjusting to the Light, able to see God at work. Able to see into souls. Conversations take on new, deeper meanings. Alert, all things seem okay because God is big enough to be in it all. That's the source of my joy. Notice I didn't say happiness because it isn't happy to look into a sorrowful soul. But joyful it is because pain can exist in joy and still be good. Joy is God present.

I'm seeing that now.