Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thoughts from Nicaragua: Day III

I feel I know exactly what this trip is about for me and I am joyful for it. We just met as a team and have gone over the topic of compassion, our theme for the week. Nouwen wrote about Christ as God-with-us, Immanuel. Christ did not flee from pain and suffering as I am prone to do. I desire the upward pull to life, a life more successful, more complete, more efficient, without pain, without anguish. Compassion has no place in the upward pull. God is calling me to enter the lives of the Nicas and love them, serve them. More of that throughout the week.
The other events of the day included breakfast, huevos con arroz y frijoles. Church service was at 8:30 and we hung out afterwards for a while. Then we went to a carnival and played volleybal and soccer and basketball. We had Fanta in a bag. There were volleyball tournaments and young girls dancing on stage. Then we came back and had lunch, arroz con bologna y pollo. Then we napped and hung out until Church (the night service). The service was long. We went up and butchered a worship song, then Morgan and Dan redeemed us with a song inspired by Psalm 121.
After church, we went to dinner in town at Ventini's, a pizza place. It was close to the place where Pastor Gary and his wife were staying. They came from Maine and he spoke of us being unified as a people in Christ, despite our differences in language and culture. We ordered way too much pizza and still paid very little. Then we came back and had our meeting.
Tomorrow, we go to Project Chacocente and begin our service.

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