Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Changing Things

I've gotten some feedback on my blog. I think it best to change the concept and stated purpose of this blog. Now I frame it not as a means to "get on the same page" but to digest and make sense of what goes on in my head. Honestly, the input I get is hard to make sense of, and as it processes in my head, it often comes out in crazy ways. Everything I write is through the lens of my mind. I do not have fully the mind of Christ yet, but I feel I'm getting close. Also, where I am spiritually is not where others are. My writings are inappropriate for those that are not where I am. That is why this sight will change its purpose to reflect it is for my sanity, sorting out the thoughts and theology I come across in my studies.

I am starting another blog to address the Gospel that is more appropriate for others. I hope this improves the effectiveness of sharing my faith without confusing or scaring the hell out of people.

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