Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Job Can Be Pretty Cool

So I covered an extra shift Sunday morning. I missed church because I was working, but I didn't. For those that don't know, I work with troubled youth at a residential treatment center. I didn't miss church because I bring church to my young men. I have freedom to openly share my faith at work. It is a Christian organization, and I can't get fired for it... So instead of driving to a church, I held a Bible study for those that stayed back from church. We went to Romans 5 because I felt maybe God could speak to the boys through that chapter.

You know, the Word of God is pretty powerful. I shared with them the truth that there is greater power of atonement through Christ and his shed blood than there could ever be in the power of Adam's sin, resulting in the fall of humanity. Christ is more than enough.

I get paid to teach there is justification for sin for those who believe in Christ! How cool is that?!

What's probably the coolest thing is that these guys are actually being transformed. It takes awhile, since there is a lot of baggage to sift through. I think of one guy who actually remembered a story I told him on how God showed up for me when I needed some help believing, and he was paying attention during the study. It seemed like he was really taking it in... There are others who are so hungry for the Creator. I think they are starting to trust us when we tell them the Creator is an amazing Restorer as well.

Don't get me wrong... the job sucks at times. Like when they get a hold of vehicle keys and plot to steal the van to escape into Denver. They are targets. That helps me keep perspective. The Enemy doesn't want them to change, so he intices and tempts the "old man" in them all.

Father, spare them from the attacks of the Enemy. Help them to continue there pursuit of your truth, and romance them, Dad, with your intimate love.

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claire said...

you have a beautiful job and are walking it out well!