Friday, September 29, 2006

Okay, it's about time

So I moved to Colorado. It's as nice as I remember. Moving is hard though... I'm thinking specifically about furniture issues. I finally got my kitchen table that I bought like a week and a half ago. Got one the first time and it had screws sticking through the top of the table. Tried to pick up a new one and it hadn't come in yet (despite them telling me it was minutes before leaving to go get it). I finally got it, but I realized I wasn't having a good attitude about it. Well, my attitude was horrible with the customer service reps I talked to. Granted, our society entitles a customer to be treated well and taken care of well if they are wronged. But I was mean on the phone and gave people a hard time when they didn't deserve it.

It got me thinking. How much more enticed will reps be to help me with my table problems if I treated them with patience, tolerance, and kindness? I lost an opportunity to share Christ's love by acting like He would had. Instead, I made her day that much more unpleasant.

What would the world look like if Christians acted like Christ? What would the world look like if the Kingdom of God reigned over all?

We have a map of the World on our wall in the apartment. I thought how different it would look if humanity had never fallen... if God the Creator and the Lord Jesus directly interacted with us, and we were as we were intended...

I don't think there would be any borders. There may be to section off names of places, but there would be no division, no hostility, no war. There would by no means be government. Can you imagine a world where every leader was under the authority of a loving God?

Anyways, those are a few thoughts I've had lately.

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Alison said...

I got into it with a customer service rep a week or so ago. I wanted to buy extension tubes for my work desk because I wanted to lift my desk so I could attach a shelf to the side. Anyway...the woman wouldn't sell me one because she was convinced my desk would tip over. She was annoying and frustrating me and I thought she was an idiot, so I covered the receiver with my palm and did a mini yell. I ended up hanging up on her and went on the website to buy what I needed. Only I couldn't get my USC discount on the web, so I had to use the live chat service to talk to someone. The person I chatted with helped me place my order and pay...and then she talked to the woman I had talked to on the phone! She told me my desk would tip over and I was like, yeah, no it won't...someone else in the office has their desk set up the same way lady.