Friday, August 19, 2005

Are there words to describe?

I'm the kind of person who starts to itch when surrounded by hundreds of people and I have nothing of importance to do. For example, I walked out of the Dining Commons just now, wanting to get away from everyone who were participating in the WOW Coffeehouse event. Loud music I can handle. The crowd I can handle as long as there is some sort of structure. It was a simple choice for me; stay and mingle and engage in random conversation or something of the like, or go outside, where it is much of serene, and enjoy the lovely summer night. I chose the latter, almost out of a sense of being called. I believe there is little or nothing left to chance. For me, I could have spontaneously left, been bitten by a spider, gotten this nasty infected bite mark, and happen to meet someone who would significantly change my life, all because I chose to leave at that moment. Things seem to fit together in life a little too perfectly for it to be chance. I see patterns and themes in everything. Well, honestly, not always because most times I'm not paying attention. But when I do reflect, I see purpose in things. Tonight, I entered a mindset of prayer in a time where I could have been swept up in busyness and conforming ritual. I needed God's presence, the personal, intimate time I had with Him more than I needed to mingle.

Don't mind my words. I'm just rambling. But at least there is a purpose to rambling.