Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pain Prone

Have you ever been so tired, so utterly exhausted that you find yourself stubbing fingers, or tripping over things? Today I moved out of my college apartment. We have a rigorous checkout process, in which one has to sign up for a checkout time, have all the things that were assigned that person clean, with everything they own out. My stuff sat on the the curb for hours until I could load it and even then I barely had breath to lift anymore.

I wonder what kind of trials Jesus went through similar to "the Checkout Process." I wonder how he emotionally felt in the desert as he fasted and endured the Devil's trials. I went two weeks without food a year and a half ago to fast and pray. I remember being very weak. I lost a lot of weight. The most impactful lesson I learned from that experience was that Man is a very resilient creation. Our bodies can go through so much before breaking. Though it burns to type due to scraping and scrubbing the grime away with my fingers all night and day, I know I can go on, and I will.

Jesus Christ went on when it got tough. Up on that cross, he did not give up and selfishly reveal his divinity to save himself from the pain. And to think he didn't even deserve that punishment.

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